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KOLVER's LINAR linear arms keep the tool vertical, eliminating cross-exchange and side loading for ultimate precision.

TLS1/LINAR2 positioning arms offer real-time feedback on the position of the arm with built-in positioning sensors, while maintaining the same maximum torque and range as the LINAR1 and LINAR2.

These arms extend horizontally and are adjustable in length, ensuring fluid motion and increased precision across torque applications.

The LINAR range offers different sizes, from LINAR1 to LINAR2, handling screwdrivers up to 1.5kg and torque up to 50Nm, with an impressive reach from 114mm to 740mm.

With the KOLVERS LINAR series, you not only get smooth movement, but also ergonomic support that reduces the risk of RMI and CTS while increasing production. Optimize your workstation with our innovative arm series!

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This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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