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Process control systems, which involve automated control of processes such as pumps, valves, and motors in continuous and batch processes

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Process Automation

If you're a process engineer, marine engineer, automation technician, or designer in industries such as pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, food processing, or heating and energy supply, and you want to see the latest news and solutions in process automation, AUTOMATIK is the place to be.

Exhibitors showcase process control systems that automate the control of pumps, valves, and motors in continuous and batch processes. These are digital systems consisting of sensors and measuring instruments connected via cables or wirelessly to a bus with multiplexers and/or A/D converters, and a process computer with visualization and control capabilities.

Exhibitors present the latest in instrumentation, including meters for flow, pressure, level, and temperature, SCADA systems for monitoring and control, explosion-proof products, weighing systems, chart recorders, and analytical instruments

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