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Stork Drives represents the leading manufacturer of electric drives and components for rotary and linear movement preferably with power up to 2000 W.
We offer a complete and homogeneous product range, where our cooperation with world-leading suppliers together gives us the widest range of components and systems with the electric motor in the center. We deliver complete solutions for applications with the highest technical requirements at the lowest total cost for our customers. Our organization that has developed with a focus on technical expertise, quality, service and logistics provide the right conditions for close and long term cooperation.
Our market consists of Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish companies where high-tech products are produced containing rotating or linear movements usually with particularly high demands on one or more of the drive critical parameters.

With the focus on customer benefit
Stork Drives’ keywords quality, performance and flexibility describe our products as well as our organization and serve as guiding principles in terms of the solutions we deliver and in our cooperation between customers, manufacturers and employees. Success and personal satisfaction are our key indicators, our relationships are characterized by long-term thinking and synergy.
Social skills and technical expertise are some of our core values. We provide this together with our strong commitment to our customers. With the customer in mind, we find customized solutions where flexibility and strong application support are the watchwords. We are proud to offer our customers optimum solutions in electrical drive systems.

Our task is to create high-quality solutions that enhance our customers’ profitability and competitiveness. We maintain our market leadership by committing sufficient resources to ensure a continuous improvement process and that we with great care are selecting only the very quality conscious manufacturers to our product portfolio.

Our products are characterized by outstanding performance when it comes to drive critical parameters such as efficiency, acceleration, accuracy, reliability, durability, quality or weight and volume in relation to power.

With our premium components, we offer cost-effective total solutions often through compact design and higher reliability with lower power consumption, lower weight, lower noise and the enhanced quality image is for free.

A very wide range of products along with great opportunities for product adaptations already from smaller quantities means that we are flexible and adapt to customer’s technical requirements instead of vice versa. Our organization is adapted to efficiently handle the sale of both single standard components to the development of customer-specific products developed and large volumes.

Our ability to use the parent company’s plants in Germany, Hungary, South Korea and Switzerland makes us a unique partner where we, with our wide network of different core competencies, are able offer selected customers the ability to outsource their production, testing, and logistics of complete complex precision modules to us.

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